That Steven Spielberg-Produced ‘Halo’ Series Is Still Happening

Hey, remember that Halo TV series? No, not Forward Unto Dawn. No, not Nightfall, either. The other one, with Steven Spielberg. You know, the one that got announced and then everybody assumed Nightfall was the end result? Yeah, they’re still making that one! I’m surprised, too!

Granted, we’re not going to see it for a while. When IGN pressed Showtime president David Nevins about the show at the TCAs, his response was:

“It’s still in development. Still in very active development.” I asked Nevins if we could hear any more details soon, and he replied, with a laugh, “No time soon.”

The issue seems to be less creative because, come on, this is Halo we’re talking about here, and more to do with back-end scheduling. Microsoft clearly wants any Halo TV series to have a home on Xbox Live, and. normally, this would probably be where the deal dies. But Showtime just worked out a deal with Hulu to be sold as a Hulu add-on, so one assumes the issue isn’t getting the show made, but rather how and when Showtime is going to get an app on Xbox Live, and what Xbox users might get out of it.

It likely won’t be in time for Halo 5, but don’t be surprised if at the next E3, Showtime and Xbox announce an alliance. Maybe they can adapt Showtime series in video games, as well; who wouldn’t want to find Dexter in his cabin and slap him around a bit for that finale?

(Via IGN)