See Millie Brown From ‘Stranger Things’ Shave Her Head For Her Role As Eleven

Barb’s untimely death (spoiler alert) and the similarity in looks between Steve and another beloved pop culture doofus have dominated the discussion around Netflix’s Stranger Things in the past few weeks. But everybody knows that the true hero and most amazing character on the show is Eleven, portrayed by the fabulous young actress Millie Bobby Brown. One of Eleven’s most noticeable features is that her hair is close-shorn, and suffice to say that isn’t the length Brown’s own hair was when she originally auditioned for the role. Now, the up-and-comer has posted the video of her drastic makeover for the first time.

Soundtracked to Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts,” the video shows a hair stylist slowly but surely snipping away Brown’s gentle curls and thus transforming her into full Eleven bada** status. As the video goes on, there are alternating looks of nerve, confidence, and worry on Millie’s face about her in-progress makeover. She shouldn’t have been all that worried though, because Eleven’s buzzcut is all part of what makes that character intimidating, mysterious, yet still approachable. Seeing as her performance was one of the best on the show (shout out to Winona!), the bold move definitely paid off in the end.