The Biggest Reveals In The ‘Stranger Things 2’ Final Trailer

We’re down to just two weeks before the Netflix’s monster runaway hit Stranger Things returns for a second season. We’ve been teased with a lot of promotional material leading up to this point, but now we’ve gotten our clearest look yet into what may go down in Hawkins for October 1984 with this special Friday the 13th trailer. Watching it probably won’t spoil you too much, but if you aren’t afraid of a little hypothesizing on what may happen you can join us on a quick dissection of the most interesting things revealed in the trailer.

So just to be clear: This post contains potential spoilers for Stranger Things 2!

One of the biggest things to take away from this trailer is that things are definitely not good for Will Byers. He spends most of the scenes in the hospital getting poked and prodded by doctors or in some sort of trance that seems to let him see back into the Upside Down. Here’s Will going through one of his episodes…

…and what he’s probably experiencing during them. On the plus side, with his body still in the real world there’s less of a chance the things in the Upside Down can physically hurt him (any more than they already have).

We’ve also got Joyce working out some sort of new puzzle. Are these drawing made by Will? Whatever they are, they show up in the trailer again and again.

You can see similar lines as Will is being chased in another one of his visions or dreams … at least we hope for his sake it’s one of those, because whatever this is, it seems to be right on top of him.

Here’s Will looking at a bunch of photos. Most are hard to make out but the closest ones show more of those tendrils, and they don’t look like drawings. They seem actually burnt into the wallpaper.

Eleven is back and she looks fabulous with her new hair. She also looks pretty angry, which makes sense once you realize she’s at her Aunt Becky’s house where her catatonic mother Terry Ives lives. Joyce and Hopper visited Ives in the first season to try and glean more information about Eleven. They weren’t very successful at all, but maybe Eleven will be.

We get to see more of new character Max (played by Sadie Sink), described as a 13-year-old tomboy who can shred a skateboard. This trailer has lots of her hanging out with gang alongside Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will.

There’s her step-brother Billy (played by Dacre Montgomery from the Power Rangers movie) moments before he punches Jonathan in the face. In the background you can see more of the tendril drawings stuck to the wall.

We also get to see Sean Astin in action, literally. Sean plays Bob, who is dating Joyce as the season starts. The trailer shows them spending a lot of time at the hospital as Will’s condition continues to erode, and it looks like something very bad happens there as a scrubs wearing Bob runs away from something. You can also see what looks like downed riot police or soldiers slumped in the background.

Maybe it all starts with this scene, which shows Will’s doctors looking on in confusion as their beakers fill with swirling smoke similar to the giant smoke monster Will keeps seeing in his visions.

There’s also a quick shot of who we think may be Barb’s father and his investigation into the disappearance of his daughter. Just off screen to the left there’s a timeline of the night of her disappearance, and to the right is a sketch drawing of Eleven. It looks like he’s well on the way to untangling what happened in Hawkins during season one. We can only hope it leads to some sort of #JusticeForBarb!

Tucked near the end of the trailer is this disturbing shot that shows someone getting electroshock therapy. Is it a flashback to the experiments done to Eleven’s mother Terry? Or has Joyce fallen into the wrong hands? It’s hard to tell from the few frames we have to work with but the shirt does look more like a 60’s or 70’s fashion than something Joyce would wear in 1984.

Fortunately, we should get answers to many of the questions this trailer raised once Stranger Things 2 drops in full on Friday October 27th. It’s times like this we’re really grateful for Netflix just releasing the entire season at once rather than making us wait a week between every episode.

Did you notice anything else in the trailer that you thought was interesting? Let us know in the comments!