‘Stranger Things’ Fans Are Already Trying To Uncover Secrets In Netflix’s Super Bowl Teases

We got our first look at the next season of Stranger Things on Friday and we’re set for a trailer during the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean fans are finished digging for some more secrets before then. Take this teaser image posted by Netflix on Friday, showing a very odd weather report for Houston, Texas this weekend.

Some fans have some wild theories for this, pointing to the dueling 11s on Sunday. Is there a return in store? Is there going to be some sort of clone action? Are our favorite team of child actors going to move on to become the greatest TV weather team of all time? It could be anything except that last one, sadly. We’re sure to get a better hint this Sunday, but fans have also take a simpler route to the secrets hidden within the numbers of Netflix’s tease.

Using some of that simple math you ignored in grade school, a few fans have deduced that we’re due to find out a premiere date this Sunday:

Obviously, this isn’t a difficult puzzle to solve if the premiere date is September 8th. It’s far better than just announcing it in some press release and also allows them to deny it ever meant anything if the series gets delayed. We’ll find out the truth tomorrow most likely.

(Via Daily Dot / Twitter)