It’s Been Two Years Since ‘Succession’ Last Aired, So Watch This Quick Season 2 Recap To Get Caught Back Up Before Its Return

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 2 of Succession, which you should watch.

Remember Succession? It’s been a whopping two years since the HBO favorite ended its latest season with one of TV’s all-time great mic drops, concluding on a cliffhanger that left viewers clamoring for more as soon as possible. Then a badly managed, once-in-a-century public health crisis happened. But patience is a virtue, and on Sunday the show is belatedly back. If you didn’t revisit the previous season, your memory of Season 2 may be a little fuzzy. But HBO’s got your back.

The station dropped a nifty, quick recap of the most dramatic — and most ridiculous — moments from our last look at the evil Roys. It kicks off with Kendall (Jeremy Strong) publicly kowtowing to cold-hearted patriarch Logan (Brian Cox). That, of course, did not last. But there was more than Kendall turning heroic quisling. There was Shiv (Sarah Snook) developing a lust for power and estranging her doofus husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen). There was Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) growing some balls and (maybe) a conscience. There was whatever was going on between Roman (Kieran Culkin) and longtime Waystar RoyCo counsel Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron).

And of course, there was also that New York Magazine piece unveiling the company’s cover-up over a cruise ship tragedy, which leads to the season’s thrilling cliffhanger. Will it be worth the wait? Critics have said hell yes. But if you need a brush-up — as well as a reminder, in case you forgot, of Kendall’s Squiggle-backed rap — you can do so by clicking in the video above. It will take you all of three minutes.

Succession returns on October 17 at 9pm on HBO and HBO Max.

(Via The Wrap)