‘Succession’ Fans Are Worried About Kendall After One Of The Show’s Stars Called The Season 3 Finale ‘Very Upsetting’

The Roys are going to Italy! In Sunday’s episode of Succession, the billionaire family attend a “luxe family wedding” overseas, where “Gerri draws a line in the sand with Roman, the Waystar team grows increasingly concerned about Matsson’s rogue tweets, and Shiv and Caroline have a heart-to-heart, of sorts,” according to HBO. It won’t be as depressing as last week’s party (god I hope), but something upsetting is coming.

J. Smith-Cameron, who plays Waystar Royco interim CEO Gerri Kellman, appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where she teased the season three finale. “My god, it’s going to be very upsetting,” she said, and “a little shocking.”

Succession fans are now concerned about Kendall, who’s not doing great.





In (slightly) less distressing news, Smith-Cameron was also asked about Gerri and Roman’s relationship and whether they would ever… you know. “I don’t know, I don’t think so,” she replied. “I feel like, first of all let’s just talk about him, I don’t think he could do that, right? He would be freaked out… and I think my character’s too careful to do that. But, you know, if the writers write it…”

You can watch her Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen clip below.