The Conheads Are Going To Love This: ‘Succession’ Season 3 Begins Filming This Month

A great pathetic man once said, “The butter’s too cold! The butter’s all f*cked! You f*ckwads, there’s dinner rolls ripping out there as we speak!”

That quote doesn’t apply to anything; I just miss Succession, that’s all.

The last new episode of the Emmy-winning series aired in October 2019, and while production for season three was set to begin in April, filming was put on hold due to COVID-19. Creator Jesse Armstrong hoped to resume by Christmas, but according to Alan Ruck, who plays butter-screamer Connor, the Roys will be back in business by Thanksgiving. “We’re going to start in New York right around the middle of November,” he told People TV’s Couch Surfing. That’s excellent news for the Conheads out there.

Ruck was also asked to name the biggest thing he’s learned from making Succession. “Apparently, [the rich] don’t wear overcoats,” he answered. “They don’t wear warm clothing, because they go right from the helicopter into the limousine, so the most they’ll wear is a suit jacket. They don’t wear any overclothes or any gloves or any hats, or any warm weather gear, unless they’re hunting or something.” Who needs to go outside to hunt when you’ve got a perfectly good boar on the floor indoors?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)