Scotland’s ‘Sunday Herald’ Treats The Trump Inauguration As A ‘Twilight Zone’ Revival In The TV Listings

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01.15.17 3 Comments

Contrary to what President-elect Donald Trump may imagine, Scotland isn’t particularly nutty about the guy. That’s their dynamic. Trump claims Scotland’s got his back, but it sounds like the bulk of Scots would like to sock him in the nose. The latest slice of Scotland’s view on America’s incoming commander-in-chief? A sassy bit of TV listings! (Chillingly funny too.)

The listing you see nestled above is from Scotland’s Sunday Herald. Instead of billing the broadcast of Trump’s historic day in an ego-stroking manner, the guide helpfully notes that the broadcast doubles as the return of the long-dormant classic anthology series The Twilight Zone. No, really! Rod Serling’s mind-bending gift to television is the framework in which the paper presents the shindig. It’s a bit on the nose and that’s perfectly alright, because everything is bonus batsh*t crazy now and we can’t remember what “normal” used to be.

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