Sweaty? Too Rich To Care? Wipe Your Face With A Fifty Dollar Bill

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.03.13 10 Comments

man wipes face with 50 dollar bill

Imagine a rich, evil character from a cartoon. What one motion could that character do to instantly let you know that they’re rich and evil?

Meet this asshole, a spectator at Ireland’s Galway Races, a popular horse-racing track we’d write about more on the sports side of UPROXX if had gorgeous breasts or pretended to fight.

He’s standing in the background in a rainstorm during a televised interview with betting magnate Barry Orr (as in “we don’t trust the banks, so Barry Orr money”). When his face gets moist, he wipes it … but he does so using A FIFTY DOLLAR BILL. Because he can. Watch the clip below.

The only way it could’ve been worse is if he’d had a man-servant wipe his face with the fifty FOR him. I guess it takes a special kind of wealthy d-bag to be a front-row spectator at an Irish horse race.

When asked what he thought about the incident, Data from The Goonies had this to say:

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