T.J. Miller Works Himself Into A Frenetic, Drenched Furor In The New ‘Meticulously Ridiculous’ Trailer

When he’s not too busy playing Silicon Valley‘s mansplainer-in-chief Erlich Bachman, or channeling Star Wars villain Boba Fett in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of Ready Player One, T.J. Miller occupies himself with stand-up comedy. It is, after all, how the Denver, Colorado-born comic got his start — gigging throughout the country and ultimately earning spots on Chelsea Lately, Conan, and other late night programs partial to such performances. In past interviews with Uproxx, Miller has spoken at length about trying to get his latest hour, Meticulously Ridiculous, off the ground. Thanks to HBO, it’s nearly here.

The premium channel officially announced a Saturday, June 17th premiere date for the special back in April, but today launched its very first trailer. And if it’s any indication of the kind of stand-up Miller will display when it finally airs next month, then HBO and comedy fans alike are in for a treat — if not a few surprises. For as outlandish as Silicon Valley‘s Bachman character is (not to mention Crashing‘s version of Miller, played by himself), the comic told us he worries Meticulously Ridiculous “will divide my audience.” Why? Because viewers unfamiliar with his non-acting work often think, “I like his acting, but his stand-up is f*cking weird.”

Judging by the new trailer’s mix of Bachman-esque outlandishness and Miller’s own unique comedy delivery, he has nothing to worry about. Besides, he gifted us with one of the greatest GIFs in recent memory, so there’s that.