Take A Trip To Bed Bath & Beyond With Abbi And Ilana In This ‘Broad City’ Season 2 Clip

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12.05.14 5 Comments

One of the great running jokes from season one of Broad City was Abbi’s obsession with Bed Bath & Beyond, along with her penchant for hoarding expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. In this first clip released for season two, we learn exactly how much time Abbi actually spends at the home goods store on a trip with Ilana, who likewise has no idea. I caught this clip last month during the Philly stop on their Broad City Live tour and I’ve been kind of dying for it to come online ever since so I could finally post about it. Although she doesn’t actually want a job at Bed Bath and Beyond because she doesn’t “sh*t where she eats,” Abbi hilariously has an intimate knowledge of both the store and the employees who work in it. It’s comedic perfection, basically.

On a sad note, the only Google search result for “al dente dentist” yielded just some weird dental practice in Ontario.

(Via Splitsider)

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