Takeaways, Highlights, And GIFs From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Justified’: 'Foot Chase'

02.13.13 221 Comments

Last night’s episode of Justified wasn’t my favorite of the season. That’s not to say it was bad. Not at all. I’ll take B/B+ episodes of Justified over the best episode NCIS has ever made every day of the week. But after the excellent run of episodes to start the season, this one just felt a little off. There was a lot going on, and a lot of important stuff that I assume will be paid off in future episodes (this is one of the downsides to reviewing individual episodes throughout the course of a season. My feelings about this one could change entirely as all the pieces from it come together), but it didn’t flow together quite like the best episodes of Justified do.

That said, it still featured Raylan and Shelby teaming up to go after Boyd, Tim going on adventures, a guy at a urinal getting a gun pointed at his ding-a-ling, and one of the sweetest moments involving two murderers, a pick-up truck, and a box filled with stacks of ill-gotten hundreds that I’ve ever seen. So, you know, take my whining with a grain of salt.

And now, the highlights:

  • Dale’s poem: “And as I watch her kiss Curt, my heart fills with hurt. My soul fills with sorrow, the size of Kilimanjaro.” We’ve all been there, Dale. Maybe we’ve articulated it a little better, but we’ve all been there.
  • “That’s what assholes do, Raylan. They get old and die from being assholes.”
  • I wish Art had kept doing foot puns for another 5-10 minutes. Open up that bottle of Pappy, pour yourself a drink, and let ’em fly, fella.
  • Nothing — and I mean NOTHING — says love like a ring buried under a stack a money inside a crappy tin box. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, guys. Take notes.
  • “I think Lynyrd Skynyrd’s overrated. I know you’re in Boyd’s pocket.” Raylan Givens speaking truth to power.
  • Speaking of Raylan talking trash, I loved the scene at the beginning where he was giving the local cops the business. Raylan ain’t care.
  • Arlo’s lawyer double-crossed Arlo, then double-crossed Boyd, and ended up getting arrested with two idiot convicts (one of whom was holding a blowtorch and threatening to kill her). This is why I’m blogging instead of using my law degree. I feel like that’s an easier hole to fall into than you think. I do not want to be involved in backwoods foot amputations.
  • Roz’s new boyfriend, “Teddy Rapes-With-A-Smile,” seems like a pretty neat guy.
  • To recap: Boyd and Ava got engaged the same night they were invited to a swingers party. They’re a fun couple. (EW has a Q&A with our pal Joelle Carter about the whole thing, if you’re interested.)
  • Jim Beaver and Timothy Olyphant, together again. DEADWOOD REUNIONS FOREVER.
  • $100 says Tim and Colton end up in a shootout and Tim pops him in the apricot.
  • Speaking of Colton, dude is straight-up unhinged, running around trying to score drugs on the sly because he doesn’t want word getting back to Boyd, and pointing guns at dude’s dicks to get info about dealers. I feel like this will be an issue. I am very perceptive.

As always, GIFs (and two necessary screencaps) from Chet Manley on the following pages. Please do not try to cauterize my wounds with a blowtorch.

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