Taylor Kitsch Is Officially In ‘True Detective’ Season 2, Says Taylor Kitsch

This past Friday Taylor Kitsch said of his involvement with Season 2 of True Detective, “Rumored right now, yeah. It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Yeah. So we’ll know in a couple days.” Well, “a couple” means two, and two would have been Sunday, but nothing happens on Sundays, and today is the first weekday following said Sunday, and it’s not a holiday, sooooooooooooo what do you got for us, Taylor?

You’ve got True Detective coming up?

[Nodding] Mm-hmm.

That, from this interview with AdWeek, sure looks a lot like a confirmation. As does this.

I can’t f*cking wait to hit camera. So I’m excited. I loved that first season of it so much. It’s just unlike anything I’ve seen in, you know, I don’t know when. And it was so grounded. It could really happen. This is very similar, and I love that. It makes it more relatable. It makes these guys more real. Nowadays, it takes f*cking balls to stand by that and do it that way.

But here’s the thing. Right after the “Mm-hmm” in the first answer is a parenthetical that reads “(For the record from sources involved in the negotiations: the deal is close, but not complete.)” This means that either Taylor Kitsch jumped the gun on the announcement, or he has been misinformed, or there was a miscommunication between him and the interviewer, or … something. But it does look a confirmation. So if you’re scoring this one at home, feel free to move Taylor Kitsch from Possibly Definitely to Probably Definitely on your big True Detective Season 2 Casting Wall. Which, I imagine, probably looks something like this by now.