Ted’s Two Best Girlfriends Take Over The Credits In Tonight’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’

As you all know, Summer > Anna, but equally obvious is Cindy/The Mother > Ted’s other girlfriends. On tonight’s How I Met Your Mother, entitled “How Your Mother Met Me,” we see what life’s been like for the titular mother over the past eight years, which means new credits sequence with her roommate, Cindy, played by Rachel Bilson.

What do we know about the Mother that might be fleshed out, other than she doesn’t realize Ted is a slut (yet)? She owns a yellow umbrella, paints pictures of robots playing sports, and walks around barefoot, and now I feel awful for the poor actress who thought she was getting her big break, then only ended up playing the Mother’s feet.

Consolation prize: she didn’t have to marry Ted.