The Most Punchable Looks From Last Night’s Teen Choice Awards (And The Morning Links)

07.23.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

So. The Teen Choice Awards happened last night on Fox, much to the dismay of those looking forward to months-old Family Guy repeats. (To be fair, Family Guy does have the best ever Teen Choice Awards parody, as seen above, though that’s largely due to a lack of competition.) Professionally speaking *slicks hair soaked in gel*, a lot of stupid people wore a lot of stupid things. The most punch-worthy are below. (Pics via)

Deadmau5 Calls Out Playboy Model On Twitter For Making Awful Dark Knight Rises Joke — (Uproxx)

‘Whatchu Know ‘Bout Goosebumps?’: Video Explains Why The ’90s Kind Of Sucked — (Uproxx)

Ranking The Most Punchable Faces On ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’ — (Uproxx)

The Superman Man of Steel teasers are now online — (Film Drunk)

Shocking Site News: We’re Perverts — (With Leather)

5 Ideas For The Inevitable New Batman Movie Trilogy — (Gamma Squad)

Remember When LoLa Monroe Used To Get Sorta Naked For A Living? — (Smoking Section)

10 Movies That Had the Misfortune To Open The Same Weekend As A Mega-Blockbuster — (Pajiba)

Quite Simply, The Best Bathroom Sign I’ve Ever Seen — (BuzzFeed)

19 Comedians Confronting Hecklers — (Huffington Post)

Creepy Ex-Lover of the Day — (The Daily What)

The Jeggings Gang Gets Pre-Torn Jeans — (College Humor)

9 Intriguing Excerpts From Old FBI Files — (Mental Floss)

Dear President Obama, please grow some balls and stand up for gun control — (Death + Taxes)

The week’s best photojournalism — (The Week)

Why You Should Never Ask 4chan for Photoshop Help — (HyperVocal)

The ten greatest superhero films of all time — (Fark)

Miss Girls? Here Are 15 Movies and TV Shows You Should Watch in the Meantime — (Unreality Mag)

Spicy Reaction GIFs to the World’s Hottest Vodka — (Guy Speed)

Packers Guard TJ Lang Has a Message For His Co-Workers — (Bro Bible)

But, as ever, Justin Kirk saved the day:

I can’t wait to get home and eat that monkey.

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