Terry Tate: Office Linebacker’s Return Is A Welcome Sight In Election 2016

10.22.16 1 year ago

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker is certainly one of the best Super Bowl creations in media history. For a Reebok commercial, Tate managed to be a character that took on a life on his own within the Felcher & Sons company and has now managed to transcend just one company to become an ongoing media entity. That’s not to say that Lester Speight, the man who plays Tate is a household name, but he’s definitely one of the commercial creations that have become more than just one time things.

Speight used the notoriety to join in with California’s insane recall election in 2003 and has been lending his knack for knocking people silly to the effort to get people to vote since 2008. Back then he was tackling his co-workers who refused to vote and giving Sarah Palin a few knocks thanks to her infamous interview with Katie Couric. The latter part might not sit too well with many given the discussions and events we’ve had in recent years surrounding football and the treatment of women, but Tate was always equal opportunity with the pain train.

Besides his newest target is Donald Trump, someone who claims to support women but still seems to be garnering a load of complaints from women he has “supported” in the past. Using the GOP candidate’s leaked video alongside Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, Tate dishes out his punishment on The Donald and shows how he makes America great again. Nothing like a little violence to make you vote, right? This will not come back to haunt me in three weeks.

Check out of some of the past Terry Tate voting ads below. I’m just happy to see the guy is still out there pouncing on unsuspecting people like those lions at those Chinese zoos. They just drive the truck full of goats in and you know what’s going to happen, but you don’t look away.

(Via Funny Or Die)

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