That Time William Shatner Guest-Starred On ‘Columbo’ And Dressed Like This

We’ve had a busy day around here. We covered everything from awesome casting news to Juggalos to a double dose of Breaking Bad to a call for a revolution to math. That’s an incredibly full day. So, instead of tracking down another big important story and trying to pound some jokes about it into your heads, I just want to remind you all that William Shatner guest-starred on an old episode of Columbo and dressed like a total boss throughout the whole thing.

The character he was playing was a television star, and this image is taken from a scene where he’s acting on the show-within-a-show, but still, look at that outfit. LOOK AT IT. I imagine the director just handed the costume designer $1,000 and a bag of cocaine and said “Go sick.” I mean, a white suit, a white hat, a shirt unbuttoned down to the nipple, a flowery silk ascot, a damn flower pinned to his lapel, and (although it’s slightly out of frame here) a fancy-ass cane? Hot damn that’s glorious, and the fact that it’s William Shatner in the get-up makes it even better. Do think he took it home after they wrapped? I bet he did. I bet he still has it in his closet today.

Anyway, just consider this your periodic reminder that the ’70s were bonkers. Have a great day.