The 20 Things We’ll Miss The Most About ‘Breaking Bad’

I admit this is the most #firstworldproblem of #firstworldproblems, but what the heck am I going to say is my favorite show currently on TV when Breaking Bad heads to the Great Dog House in the Sky this Sunday? (The Simpsons is my ALL-TIME favorite show, but not the version of The Simpsons that’s back for a 25th season.) Is it Justified? Game of Thrones? Bob’s Burgers? Louie? Talking Bad, which will continue to solider on, long after the nuclear bomb drops on Albuquerque in the final scene, killing everyone but Carol and Wendy, which is how I’m assuming Breaking Bad is going to end? I’m not ready to live in a world where I have to make this choice.

But live it, I must, and rather than continue to whine about not having a narcissistic meth kingpin in my life anymore (guh, I’ll have to find a new one of those, too), let’s celebrate all the good Breaking Bad has given us over the years. Everyone takes pleasure in different things — one man’s stack of cash is another man’s pile of dirty, dirty paper to throw out a car window — but here are 20 of the things I’ll miss the most about Breaking Bad. Please share your favorite quotes, scenes, songs, breakfast foods, Badgers, and BITCHES, too.

1. Watching the rise and fall into an unrelenting pit of darkness of Walter White.

2. That “IT WAS SO OBVIOUS” feeling that comes during a holy sh*t scene.

3. The behind-the-scene set photos.

4. We’ve already been missing Mike for a season, but: Mike.

5. The bad ass boasts.

6. The always-perfect soundtrack.

7. Jesse and Walt’s will they/won’t they relationship.

8. The breakfast memes.

9. The funny moments rubbing alongside the murders, drugs, and murders caused by drugs.

10. The recipe ideas.

11. The Low Winter Sun jokes.

12. Watching Skyler White continually prove the Skyler White haters wrong. Here’s to her.

13. The mashup GIFs.

14. Gleefully waiting for the next use of the word “f*ck.”

15. The dumb theories that were always wrong, but still fun to read.

16. Saul Goodman’s neon shirts.

17. How even the most minor of characters were instantly memorable.

18. The instantly GIF-able moments, for everyone in the cast.

19. The ridiculously gorgeous New Mexico scenery.

20. Never seeing this for a first time ever again.