‘The Americans’ Featured A Brief Appearance By A Blast From The Past

03.21.17 2 Comments

A lot happened on this week’s episode of The Americans. Stan and Aderholdt trolled bathrooms for sources. Paige learned more about the family business. Philip and Elizabeth had a Midwest adventure that started with cowboy hats and love songs and ended with them using what appeared to be a WWE tag-team maneuver on a bug expert named Randy. But you can read our review if you want to talk about that. We are here to talk about the other thing. We are here to talk about…

… and I’m going to pause here so any spoilerphobes can bail in a hurry…

… Martha.

Yup, we got a Martha sighting, people. In a supermarket. In Russia. For the first time since Philip put her on a plane in season four with the FBI closing in on the both of them. And Martha is doing okay! Uh, ish!

The reveal was really something, too. Oleg marched into a market to interrogate a store owner about her produce — where she got it, how, whose palms had to be greased in the process, NAMES, OLEG WANTS NAMES — and as he was leaving the camera lingered on a woman in one of the aisles. Really lingered. She turned around and heeeeyyyyy…

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