‘The Americans’ Is Not Messing Around In This Intense New Promo For Season 5

In his year-end list of the best shows on television in 2016, our own Alan Sepinwall wrote, “If The Americans keeps improving, I’m not sure my heart can take it.” Get ready for a heart attack. I almost had one watching the latest promo for season five, “School’s Out,” which takes place outside of Paige’s school. It’s a normal day (although it’s weird seeing sunlight on The Americans), and she’s walking around with her normal friends. In fact, everything is normal… until three very loud jet aircrafts fly overhead. All the students duck and take cover, except Paige. The unusual is normal for her.

The Americans is a wonderful show, but now it’s a wonderful and timely show, considering everything that’s currently going on between the United States and Russia. Will there be a Pee Pee Tape in season five? Probably not (that’s about the only sexual act we haven’t seen on the show yet), although co-creator Joe Weisberg did say, “There’s something in a twisted way that’s kind of fun about seeing all this stuff in the headlines that we’re trafficking in all the time.” But, he added, seeing things spiral out of control between the two countries “just doesn’t feel so good.” (Poor, poor Martha.)

Here’s the official summary for season five:

In the new season of FX’s drama The Americans, the arranged marriage of Philip and Elizabeth Jennings grows more passionate and genuine in the midst of the escalating Cold War. Paige’s budding romance with Matthew, the son of their neighbor, FBI Agent Stan Beeman, further complicates matters since Stan – Philip’s best friend – remains the greatest threat to the Jennings’ safety.

The Americans returns on March 7.