Homelander From ‘The Boys’ Has Arrived In ‘Call Of Duty’ And Gamers Are Already Having A Fit About His Powers

The Boys and Call of Duty launched a crossover this week, and just like in the Amazon series, one character is already causing problems: Homelander.

The Supe is currently available to use in the new Warzone season for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but players are not loving the character’s powers. Like the show, Homelander can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes, which is not exactly fun when your opponents are mere humans with guns.

Gamers have flocked to Reddit and Twitter to voice their concerns with Homelander’s Call of Duty debut, which they feel is breaking the game thanks to him being too damn powerful.

As if Homelander’s laser eyes aren’t bad enough, he reportedly has even more powers in the game, and Call of Duty fans are already sick of him.

Via Kotaku:

The Warzone subreddit is loaded with complaints from players, many of whom are saying the superpowers are out of place in the somewhat grounded military game. One of the abilities lets you super-jump incredibly high with no fall damage when you land, which can seriously change the way a final circle is tackled in the battle royale. “With the stupid addition of superpowers I need to completely change the way that I play this game,” replied one redditor to a player who claimed they lost their game because of the super-jump ability.

While basically dropping an evil version of Superman into a military shooting game does sound frustrating, you gotta admit it’s kind of funny, too. Completely ruining an experience with his terrifyingly overpowered presence is such a Homelander thing to do.

(Via Kotaku)