‘The Boys’ Showrunner And Homelander Actor Aren’t Sure Whether MAGA Supporters Even Watch The Show

Shortly after The Boys wrapped up its acclaimed second season, showrunner Eric Kripke said that the myth of superheroes, including violently jingoistic Homelander, “doesn’t really apply as cleanly today, because there’s these undeniable fascist underpinnings to it. They’re there to protect white, patriotic America. That’s what they were designed to do… They’re protecting the status quo.” He added, “Superheroes are inherently MAGA.” This message was, ironically, lost on many confused Trump voters.

Over the weekend, supposedly a million Trump supporters, when really it closed to 10,000, descended on Washington, D.C. for the Million MAGA March to oppose President-elect Joe Biden legally winning the election over Donald Trump. At least one protestor dressed up as Homelander, with Trump’s face over his own, which caught the eye of Krispke. “Um… are they actually watching the show?” he tweeted. Homelander actor Anthony Starr chimed in, as well, tweeting, “The art of ignorant dumbfuckerry.”

The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson wondered how these “doofuses don’t even understand that ‘Homelander’ is the bad guy.” I’m sure Bruce Springsteen wonders the same thing every time “Born in the USA,” a scathing indictment of a country that sees its citizens as little more than fodder in an endless war, gets played at a Trump rally.

You can check out the tweets below.