Here’s Why The Latest Episode Of ‘The Boys’ Had An Extremely NSFW ‘Holy Sh*t’ Moment

If there was something missing from the latest episode of The Boys, it certainly was not graphic male frontal nudity. If you’re not looking for spoilers for the second season of The Boys, specifically the sixth episode entitled “The Bloody Doors Off,” you should stop reading here and maybe focus your attention on something a bit more wholesome.

Anyway, the gang’s visit to what appeared to be a mental hospital turned out to be a facility that was keeping some Supe experiments gone wrong away from the general public. That included, as we found out, a character from the comic books that is one of the most NSFW of them all. As showrunner Erik Kripke noted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the appearance of Love Sausage’s, well, love sausage in the episode was an intentional one, especially given the rest of the episode apparently lacked a wow moment.

“Love Sausage came around reasonably late in the development of the script,” Kripke tells EW. “We had a couple of the drafts written, but then we sometimes reach a point, as we did in this one, where we said, ‘You know what? It’s just not crazy enough. We’re missing that moment that makes people say holy sh*t.'”

The supe’s appearance comes with Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and Kimiko trapped with Lamplighter in the facility as a number of Supes escaped. And it was the perfect time to introduce what’s a fan favorite character from the comics while serving as a bit of a deus ex machina, of sorts, unless you’d like to add a bit of wordplay in there of your own:

“We just haven’t been able to get to [him] because literally he’s a giant Russian man with a huge d*ck — that’s his story — and that they are really tight in his super suit tights,” Kripke explains. “The name is ridiculous and it’s all so ridiculous. Every so often Garth Ennis crosses over into something so absurd that it just wouldn’t fit in the reality of the show.”

Then the writers decided they needed one of the Sage Grove patients “to do something insane.” And it clicked. “Love Sausage! Love Sausage could be one of the patients!” Kripke remembers. “And then his penis can be his power!”

When you consider the rest of said episode included that a seemingly punk member of The Seven was a Nazi creation, perhaps saying the episode lacked a “holy sh*t” moment without Love Sausage means that Kripke has a slightly warped meter when it comes to that kind of thing. It’s certainly what makes The Boys what it is, though, retractable penises and all.

(Via Entertainment Weeklly)