The CW Got Expertly Trolled In An Attempt To Engage With ‘Supernatural’ Fans On Twitter

It’s hard to believe Supernatural is on its 10th season already — even harder considering that the series should have quit after season five, which would have wrapped up a perfect, planned five-season story. I’m not even going to go into all the reasons why it sucks now because Bea Kaye already did that a couple of months ago while discussing that horribly ill-conceived spin-off that got axed, but let’s just say things are bad. Really bad. When the series last left off, Dean died, AGAIN, and Crowley brought him back as a demon. Even though the series spent nine seasons establishing that people can’t be demons, but human bodies are simply vessels for demons to inhabit. BUT WHATEVER, DEAN IS A DEMON NOW. As such, The CW made a gigantic, Robin Thicke-esque mistake in an attempt to engage fans via Twitter in a now-deleted #AskSupernatural hashtag, to submit questions for the Supernatural panel at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. Case in point: Even this guy is mad even though his Twitter handle combines the series name plus an actor’s real name with a creepy profile photo of two hetero characters in a heart together. This is how you know sh*t is bad:

OK, CLEARLY I’m missing some subtext, here.

OK, this one made me LOL:

Some other general complaints:

In a nutshell…