‘The Daily Show’ Summed Up The Benghazi Hearings With A Michael Bay Burn

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With Hillary Clinton testifying for 11 hours in a Benghazi hearing Thursday, it seemed pretty obvious what was going to be the first segment on The Daily Show. We started with an overall recap about how this is the eighth committee set up to investigate what did or didn’t happen during the 2012 Benghazi attack that killed four people, how it’s been suggested that these investigations have turned into a which hunt on Clinton specifically, and quotes from Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Richard Hanna implying that this was indeed the case.

It turned out that the big takeaway from this particular hearing wasn’t any new security information, but partisan yelling and Hillary memes. Apparently congressional discourse has now devolved to the level of social-media commentary. There’s also a suggestion about this being a waste of taxpayer money, but I’m not nearly as troubled by that. Granted, it’s mostly cynicism about where that $20 million would end up going, but still, relatively speaking it’s the least concerning aspect here.

After going over all that, Trevor Noah recapped his feelings on all of this with a Michael Bay joke. To be honest, I’d rather sit though Transformers before watching a few hours of these hearings again.

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)