‘The Daily Show’ Presses Justin Trudeau On Syrian Refugees And Nickelback

05.19.16 3 years ago

Somewhere along the way, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show became a place where more younger people got their news than ever before. In part, it was thanks to Jon Stewart and his staff’s dedication to simply presenting news while still remaining satirical, but not ignoring it when the potential target might align with their political values. Trevor Noah got the honor of carrying forth with The Daily Show after Stewart left, and the show has not lost its edge.

Last night, they began a two-part satirical look at how Canada has allowed more Syrian refugees into their country than the United States has and how this has somehow become a hot button issue here in the States. Tonight was the second part of that segment, and it featured correspondent Hasan Minhaj sitting down with none other than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself to grill him on the difficult questions, all of that while wearing what we like to call a “Canadian tuxedo” of all denim. Brilliant.

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