‘The Daily Show’ Laughed At All The Pandering In The 2016 Race Thus Far

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While on the presidential campaign, the current slate of candidates have a tendency to pander to the voters depending on their current situation or needs. For Mike Huckabee, standing by Kim Davis certainly didn’t hurt his standing with the conservatives base. For Marco Rubio, he keeps up with the young folks by showing off his rap fandom. Heck, Donald Trump has been running a campaign almost entirely on platitudes and some deep-seated assumptions on immigration.

New Daily Show host Trevor Noah saw the comedy in all this and tackled it with the segment above. It almost writes itself, between Dr. Carson and Kanye West trading ideas, and Hillary Clinton being interviewed by noted journalist Lena Dunham. Because if there was ever anything I needed to know about Clinton, it’s her thoughts on Lenny Kravitz’s penis. You think she watched the last season of Girls?

Really, I’m just upset that the horde of candidates aren’t all cutting WWE promos, tearing each other down and pushing the entertainment to high levels. Hey, if they want to pander to me, let them hold a King of the Ring and the victor will have my… attention. I mean, we do still have a year left. We don’t have to get serious yet.

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)