‘The Daily Show’ Wondered If Pro-Life Candidates Could Be Pro-Gun Control

If you’ve ever made the mistake of reading a comments section regarding abortion or gun control, you may have run into any number of bumper sticker slogans, vitriol from both sides of the issue (with each accusing the other of more of it), and someone asking, “Hey, have you ever noticed that people who are pro-life are always pro-gun?” which only leads to an increase in those other two things. Well, thanks to recent events, The Daily Show managed to get a whole segment out of that “pro-life, anti-gun control” axiom.

It started with the secretly recorded tapes of Planned Parenthood officials allegedly talking about harvesting organs from fetuses. Though the tapes have since been reported to be doctored, this hasn’t stopped Republican candidates like Carly Fiorina to be outraged, or the House Oversight Committee to hold a hearing to defend Planned Parenthood over them. Trevor Noah went on to suggest that in the wake of the Oregon Shootings that this zeal to preserve life could also be used when considering gun legislation, instead of taking a more cautious and subdued approach. To that end, Noah pulled some edited clips to see how it would sound if a pro-lifer were just as excitable about passing gun control laws.

Christian schooling and concert-going have only strengthened my belief that most people are too passionate to argue these issues in a rational manner, resulting in elected officials who are the same. All I can tell you is that the “masturbation is murder/let’s have abortion parties” and “ban all/none of the guns” people are far more imposing when you have to sit near and talk to them rather than anonymously hurling insults.

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)