‘The Daily Show’ Points Out The Obvious Reason People Seem To Care About The Iowa Caucus

Tonight marked the beginning of the Bataan Death March we refer to as the 2016 Presidential Election, an event we’ve been prepping for well over a year with numerous debates, polls, and eating contests. Our first taste of electoral glory comes with the Iowa Caucus, the one time of the year that everybody seems to care about Iowa for more than just corn or collegiate sports.

But why is Iowa so important? Is it just because it is the first step? The Daily Show investigates and essentially comes to the very same conclusion. Iowa is important because it is first and it is America blowing it wide open for elections in one moment. And they’re doing in any manner they can think of at the time — like a coin toss or a mad dash across a room. Enough chit chat, enough blowing hard, enough of it all. This is the last stop — at least until the next stop.

As it turns out, Iowa is just an excuse for people to finally cut loose and make a decision for the election. And it’s a moment for the candidates for break their own rules and eat all the fried food they can stand. And if they don’t like fried food, they can just say goodbye to the election. You will find out if a human being can survive on funnel cake.

(Via The Daily Show)

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