Remembering The Many Learning Experiences From Season One Of ‘The Detour’

While most family vacations involve long car rides and Dad jokes, the Parker family had a more eventful (and potentially scarring) trip in The Detour‘s first season. From creepy weddings to bad oysters and a whole lot of law enforcement, suspected corporate shenanigans, and family secrets, there was a lot that went down.

Let’s look back at some of the highlights.

From the start, Nate (Jason Jones) and Robin (Natalie Zea) realize that the long road to Florida is going to be filled with learning experiences and firsts for their two kids. They just didn’t count on those learning experiences happening at a roadside strip club…

and they probably didn’t think that they’d include projectile trucker urine (though stranger danger has never been more clear)…

or stunt driving.

Also, Nate stealing works secrets soon after getting fired seems to be the impetus of the trip, but more on that later…

While getting the family trip van, aka Blue Thunder, repaired, Nate and Robin decided to fill in the knowledge gap that their kids had when it came to the birds and the bees. It got confusing.

Robin’s usage of weed gummies didn’t help either.

But hey, the van got fixed.


Back on the road, the Parkers learned a harsh lesson about highway seafood.

And Nate learned a new phrase.

The hospital trip led to a heavenly bed and breakfast.

But the 61-year-old proprietor with a 16-year-old mail-order bride diminished the experience a bit.

Once back on the road, Nate and Robin got too honest about how they met.

And we FINALLY got to the bottom of what the road trip was all about.

To be fair, it was hand sanitizer that had a chemical that was too strong for regular human use. But it turns out there was a mix-up.

So, all’s well that ends well. Except for the part where Robin isn’t exactly who she said she was.

What’s going to happen next? Find out in the season 2 premiere of The Detour on TBS tonight at 10/9c.