Geena Davis Is Totally Not A Crazy Person In The Trailer For FOX’s ‘The Exorcist’ Adaptation

There are certain horror-movie classics that have the power to make a person’s skin crawl just by the mere mention of their titles. The Shining has long been a favorite for me and many others, while The Exorcist is perhaps one of the most sacred horror movies ever made. That’s why it’s such a bummer to see the original sullied by crappy sequels and crappier prequels or spin-offs nearly 43 years after the original film’s release. And now, of course, there’s the TV adaptation from FOX that will attempt to frighten us on a weekly basis, in between commercial breaks.

The first trailer for this ballsy effort features Geena Davis as Angela Rance, the wife of a sleepy man and mother of two teen daughters who apparently act like stereotypical teen girls. The Rances are a seemingly normal, albeit bored and boring family until Angela reveals to Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) that she hears voices in her walls. Instead of moving out her creepy-ass haunted house, Angela thinks talking about the problem will make it go away, and the birds flying through church windows will just learn their lessons.

And poor Father Tomas, will he ever learn that you never climb into the dark attic of a potentially-haunted house? We’ll find out when The Exorcist debuts this fall on FOX.