‘The Flash’ Originally Had A Shout-Out To Aquaman

09.21.15 4 years ago 8 Comments

One of the pleasures of The Flash is watching poorly conceived or outdated characters get an update to become fun, engaging and interesting ones. Sadly, The CW will never get its hands on Aquaman. But there is a clever shout-out in a deleted scene from the pilot to the man they would call Whitefish.


Okay, so it’s a minor little nod; Barry apparently went to Amnesty Bat, home of none other than Arthur Curry. And it’s an amusingly layered joke: Before The CW decided to go with the whole Arrowverse idea, they were developing an Aquaman series in the vein of Smallville. That ultimately didn’t work out, as you may have guessed, although if you know where to look, you can see the full pilot.

Might we see Arthur Curry visit Central and be tormented by Cisco’s attempts to come up with a nickname for him? Possibly. DC’s head honcho has said they don’t want to hold their creators back, so if the CW team can come up with an actual use for Aquaman on the show, they might get a crack at him. That said, we’re sort of hoping he stays away from The CW. Really, if you can’t get Jason Momoa, there’s just no point.

(Via Blastr)

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