The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 Teaser Poster Is The Most Excited I’ve Ever Been About Seeing 6 Digits

This is absolutely ridiculous, but it’s true. When I saw the season three Game of Thrones teaser poster, I didn’t say to myself, “Ugh. It’s just a date. Who cares?” Neither did I think, “There’s nothing on that poster that in any way reveals something about the next season.” I also didn’t exclaim out loud, “GUH. Why would you even put this out? Just tell us the release date. What’s the point of this? WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.”

It is absolutely preposterous, but when I saw this plain looking teaser poster with nothing but the premiere date for season three, I felt a little start of adrenaline. It made me tingly. I FELT ALIVE, people. ALIVE.

I’m embarrassed at how easy I am to please when it comes to Game of Thrones. If you’re curious, the premiere date is 137 days and five-ish hours away from the time that this post was published. CANCEL ALL YOUR APPOINTMENTS. I’m going to get the old pooch, crack a beer, get into bed, and climb under a dead animal carcass and enjoy Game of Thrones the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.