‘The Golden Bachelor’ Runner-Up (And Noted Dirty Joke-Lover) Leslie Fhima Will Attend Gerry And Theresa’s Wedding

As The Golden Bachelor unfolded, 65-year-old fitness instructor Leslie Fhima seemed to share the strongest connection with the show’s aged hunk (and alleged cheap skate) Gerry Jordan. As the two canoodled in a hot tub and bonded over a well-timed “69” joke told by Leslie, it seemed they were a match made in heaven.

But alas, Gerry would ultimately chose 70-year-old Theresa Nist from New Jersey during The Golden Bachelor‘s finale. The two are set to wed on January 4, and surprisingly, Leslie will be in attendance.

The former contestant shared the news in an Instagram Story video where she also opened up about a recent bowel blockage because we mentioned everyone involved is in in their sixties, right? OK, good.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“I know that everyone was just curious to know what I did on my birthday,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram stories. “I spent it in the hospital. Yes, I had a bowl blockage, severe cramping, came into the ER.” She went on to report that the blockage was related to scar tissue from an appendectomy that she had as a teenager.

“I’m definitely on the mend. I’m feeling so much better, that now I get to go to the wedding. I can’t wait to support Gerry and Theresa on their beautiful day. I know it’s going to be really, really amazing.”

Gerry infamously broke Leslie’s heart during the season finale when he tearfully held off dumping her until the last minute even though it was painfully obvious that something wasn’t right with their once white-hot romance. However, Leslie was also hesitant at the thought of marriage, so it seems like the whole thing worked out for the best.

Theresa has to walk down the aisle while Leslie gets to be her free-wheeling, hilarious self. So who really won?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)