‘The Golden Bachelor’ Fans React To The Messy Season Finale And Gerry’s ‘Cheap Ass’

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Golden Bachelor finale. Do not — I repeat do NOT — move forward if you don’t want to know which woman the 72-year-old retired restaurateur picked to marry.

The season finale of America’s new favorite pastime, The Golden Bachelor, aired on ABC last night, though not everyone has seen it yet, thanks to Hulu‘s waiting game.

Those who have seen it know that Gerry picked 70-year-old Theresa from New Jersey, leaving fan-favorite Leslie without a golden husband-to-be, though fans have been speculating that Leslie would make the perfect first Golden Bachelorette.

There was a lot of drama surrounding both the finale and its protagonist Gerry, whose past dating life was recently meticulously mapped out in The Hollywood Reporter. The outlet reported that Gerry was not entirely truthful with his past, and has been dishonest about his journey. Everything in BachelorNation is a “journey,” by the way, so keep that in mind.

Despite the Hulu delay and overall disappointment with Gerry, viewers still enjoyed The Golden Bachelor, if not for what it is, for what it could be now that ABC has given it a chance. Here’s what the fans had to say about the messy finale:

We need reality shows with more old people with regrettable tattoos and fewer influencers looking for Instagram brand deals, honestly. This is the future of TV.