Prepare For The Final Season Of ‘The Good Place’ With This Spoiler-Filled Recap Video

An extreme warning for clicking the video in this post: if you do and haven’t seen the first three seasons of The Good Place, you’ll basically be spoiling the whole damn thing. But if you want a reminder of what happened and a quick setup for the final season, which airs next week, this is the video for you.

NBC is pulling out all the stops for the final season of The Good Place, with a Paley special that aired on Thursday and a number of web exclusives to prep viewers for a philosophical farewell to Mike Schur’s latest NBC comedy. The Paley event had lots of fun tidbits, including some casting footage that gave viewers an early look at the characters that became essential to the show. But this video, entitled “Every Forkin’ Season,” is a tidy recap of exactly what happened over the first three seasons of the show to set up the endgame.

Again, spoiling what was one of the best twists in modern comedy history at the end of Season 1 would be a true shame, so tread lightly on the play button if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Every main member of The Good Place cast even is warning you about the spoilers that follow, but the clip does also get you excited about the show’s final season, where the gang turns the tables and tries to replicate the Good Place themselves.

“Wait until you see what happens,” Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani, says. “You are going to lose your shirt.”

Which reminds me, what we’ll need when Season 4 finally airs is a mashup of all the times swears have been turned into clean phrases in the Good Place. That would be some funny shirt.

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