The Greatest Collection of Corgi Animated GIFs Ever Created

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it would be too daring of an undertaking — too much cuteness, too many megabytes.

But I did it. I made THE INTERNET’S GREATEST COLLECTION OF CORGI-THEMED ANIMATED GIFS. I sifted through the Corgi Friday archives. I searched Tumblr and Google and all the best corgi blogs. I made GIF walls of the corgi flop videos and Sparky the corgi’s food dance. It’s all here: the cuteness and humor and puppies and hypnotic repetition of the Internet’s finest corgi GIFs. Enjoy.

(Sources cited where possible. Special thanks to final ellipsis and the frogman, who are some of the best corgi GIFmakers out there.)

(via plague of insects)

(via thefrogman)

(the frogman)

UPDATED 8/26/11 with more corgi action thanks to final ellipsis.

(via final ellipsis)


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