The Guy Who Lost $1 Million On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Is Totally Chill

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04.14.14 12 Comments


If I were Julian Batts, the so-called “worst contestant in Wheel of Fortune history,” and I missed out on the chance to earn $1 million because I pronounced a word incorrectly, I would follow Pat Sajak to his home one night, break in, slip something into his wine glass, and…wait. But, hey, that’s just me (and everyone on Game of Thrones), and I’m not Batts, who’s taking his humiliating mistake quite well.

He was on Good Morning America earlier today to explain what the heck happened.

“It was a dream,” Batts said. “It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve accomplished so far.”

“It kind of hit me like a train,” Batts said. “I didn’t really know how to react to it.”

“I didn’t feel like I made a mistake,” he continued. “I mean, I had solved the puzzle entirely, and really all I had to do was read it. I just went for it, and did my best.”

The happy lesson here is, your best isn’t good enough.

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