The Homer Car From 'The Simpsons' Is Now A Magnificent Reality

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06.28.13 8 Comments

The Homer Car from The Simpsons in real life for David Moore at the 24 Hours of LeMons race 2013

The 24 Hours of LeMons race is taking place tomorrow in Buttonwillow, CA. The race pits drivers of dirt cheap, amusingly-decorated cars against each other to see whose vehicle will actually run long enough to cross the finish line. We’ve already picked our favorite this year: Porcubimmer Motors’ replica of “The Homer” from The Simpsons.

In the 1991 Season 2, Episode 15 of The Simpsons, Homer came up with an idea for a new car he called “The Homer.” [Neatorama]

This replica has all the perfect little touches. There’s the engine that is “powerful like a gorilla”, and the Bart and Lisa dolls which are soft and yielding like a Nerf ball, and the brilliant callback of the BORT license plate. *kisses fingertips* Magnifique.

Check out the video below and there’s also a photo gallery here and an official Homer Car site here.


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