The King Of Cameos: 20 Times You May Have Seen Patton Oswalt And Not Realized It

09.11.14 4 years ago 25 Comments
The World Premiere of Disney/Pixar's "Ratatouille"

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You know Patton Oswalt as Spencer on The King of Queens, the voice of Remy in Ratatouille, an Internet rabble-rouser, and one of the funniest standup comedians around. But did you know he’s in NewsRadio and The Weird Al Show and Zoolander? To celebrate Oswalt’s return to Twitter, and because he’s one of our favorite people, here are 20 times you may have seen him and not realized it…

1. Seinfeld as “Clerk” (1994)

2. NewsRadio as “Guy” (1996)

3. Mr. Show as “Famous Mortimer” (1996) (go to 12 minutes in)

4. The Weird Al Show as “Seymour” (1997)

5. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist as “Patton” (1998)

6. Man on the Moon as “Blue Collar Guy” (1999)

7. Magnolia as “Delmer Darion” (1999)

8. Batman Beyond as Harry Knowles’ body double “Eldon Michaels” (2000)

9. “Another Perfect Day” music video by American Hi-Fi (2001)

10. Zoolander as “Monkey Photographer” (2001)

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