Is It Possible ‘The Knick’ Will Return To Cinemax For An Unplanned Third Season?

WARNING: This post includes spoilers for The Knick‘s second season.

Ever since the first episode of The Knick, the main character of Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen) has been a ticking time bomb. As brilliant as Thackery could be, his own inherent self-destructive nature was bound to lead to an inevitable catastrophic end.

In Friday’s second season finale of the acclaimed Cinemax series, fans of the show were left scratching their heads, wondering if the episode was a series finale. At the end of the hour, it appeared that Thackery was dead — courtesy of an operation that the doctor decided to perform on himself. Along with Thackery, many other supporting characters seemed to find resolution to their respective story arcs, which led the audience to wonder: What exactly is next?

Although there is no official word on a third season being greenlit, Cinemax has confirmed that talks are under way with Steven Soderbergh on ways that the series can continue past this season.

In a statement issued by Cinemax, the network says, “When first conceived, the series was always meant to be presented in a two-year story arc, and Steven has been meeting with the writers to discuss how to proceed.” Cinemax has requested a script for the possible third season premiere and an outline of the entire season.

If the series returns for a third season, show runners Michael Begler and Jack Amiel should both be back at the helm. It’s very possible that the series could be renewed without their lead character returning. According to Clive Owen, he confirmed that he was only scheduled for two seasons and nothing beyond that requirement. It appears that this may be the end of the skilled but drug-addled doctor. However and until official confirmation is given, fans are still holding out up that Bertie was able to administer that shot of adrenaline in time.

(Via Variety)