The ‘Stickiest’ Part Of ‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 4 Is Straight Out Of The Video Game

Following last week’s extraordinary episode of The Last of Us, The Haunting of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass star Rahul Kohli wrote a note that has since been credited to Naughty Dog. It wasn’t an official statement from the developer of the Last of Us video games, but his point still stands. “I made the mistake of reading other people’s comments about TLOU. Many masking their homophobia with ‘why can’t it stick to the game?’, others just straight up not wanting LGBTQIA representation in mainstream media,” it reads. Kohli then shared his thoughts on the review bombing over Bill and Frank’s relationship (which is only hinted at in the video game, but it’s a strong hint).

“This is and has always been a progressive series. Bill was gay,” he wrote (I removed a spoiler for another character from his note, but you’re welcome to read it here). “This *IS* a faithful adaptation. If TLOU is a little too diverse/ progressive for you, I think you may need to stop watching. It’s been their story since 2014. There are countless stories which avoid representation altogether, I dunno what to tell you, watch them instead.”

Episode four, “Please Hold My Hand,” faithfully adapted a memorable (and funny) moment from the video game, but to Kohli’s point, it has a different meaning on the television show after we spent an entire episode with Bill and Frank.

Here’s how it plays out in the game:

What a stinker, that Ellie.