‘The Man In The High Castle’ Goes Nuclear With The New Season 2 Trailer

Amazon’s alternate history thriller is back with a brand-new trailer for season two. Stars of The Man in the High Castle shared a preview and clip at San Diego Comic-Con, and it could be a sign of troubling times for our heroes and our so-called “villains.”

The Man in the High Castle, based on the classic Philip K. Dick novel, follows the empire and rebel forces as they try to survive in a world where Germany and Japan won World War II and seized control of the United States.

According to Gizmodo, the second season furthers the struggle between the two global powers, with a noticeable image of a nuclear bomb, hinting at a sort-of “Cold War” in the future. We already saw tensions escalate between the countries in season one, with Germany insisting it could seize control of the territory from Japan, so it’ll be fascinating to see what they could do next.

In the trailer, we caught a glimpse of Juliana (Alexa Davalos) being asked about the quintessential film that started it all. At Comic-Con, executive producer Ridley Scott introduced a special clip that goes further into Juliana’s predicament, in which she escapes from the trunk of a car being chauffeured by Karen and Lem Washington of the Resistance.

Apparently, Juliana has seen “his face,” likely meaning the titular Man in the High Castle, so Juliana’s definitely in for a rough season. We also got a peek at newcomer Callum Keith Rennie, playing a glasses-clad rebel named Gary.

Another newcomer introduced at Comic-Con was Nicole Becker, a Berlin-born filmmaker played by Bella Heathcote. According to Entertainment Weekly, Nicole is a “party girl” who represents a shift between the original Nazis and the second generation. There’s speculation this could lead to problems in Germany’s homeland.

The trailer shows some of our other favorites, from Juliana’s sometimes-squeeze Frank to our favorite Nazi officer John Smith. We also get a look at Tagomi (Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa), who recently took a “trip” to our reality at the end of season one. In case you’re wondering whether his magical mystery ride was just a dream sequence, the show promises it’s not.

Executive producer David Zucker told reporters that “our” world “plays a role to the extent that it informs the character and the stories,” meaning it will matter but it probably won’t be a place our heroes take regular vacations to.

No official premiere date for The Man in the High Castle’s second season, but it’s expected to arrive in late 2016.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)