The Most WTF Moments From Last Night’s ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

So last night’s American Horror Story: Freak Show, “Show Stoppers,” didn’t quite continue to build on the momentum I was hoping for after last week’s better-than-usual episode, but I can’t say it wasn’t entertaining. Ideally I would have liked to see some sort of cat and mouse between Dandy and Chester, instead of Dandy just handing over Chester’s police records to Bette and Dot — which really ended up being besides the point anyway since Chester ended up turning himself in to the police anyway. I assume that’s the last we’ll see of Chester since even though he can’t be arrested for “killing” his own doll, he’s still a wanted man who turned up covered in someone else’s blood. Bye Chester! You were fun for a while but ultimately kind of wasted as a character, as is par for the course with American Horror Story.

Gooble Gobble One Of Us

American Horror Story is no stranger to borrowing pop culture horror tropes — I mean, that’s kind of the entire point of the series — but this episode is notable in that it was the first time that they actually referenced the pop culture trope that they were borrowing as they were borrowing it. When Elsa announces that they’ll be watching a movie (which Legless Suzi responds to by asking “not The Sign of the Cross again?,” a nod to the “Nor’easter” episode of Asylum) and that movie is Freaks, it was clear that Stanley was toast. Mutilated toast.

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If for no other reason, I’m glad that NPH’s character is gone so we’ll be spared of any more scenes like this one. Was it the love of a good conjoined twin that finally broke Chester of his delusion? Either way it was only after he turned Margery away during sex that his delusions started to crumble, as it was revealed that he killed Alice and Lucy, not Margery. I mean obviously because she was a doll, but just in case there was any doubt.

Dr. Arden, Is That You???

OK so this was way cool. American Horror Story made its second Asylum-universe crossover of the season as it was revealed that DR. ARDEN HIMSELF was the one that cut off Elsa’s legs. The Axe Man (I don’t know what his character’s name is so I’m just calling him that) who built Elsa’s legs divulged in a flashback that he went after the men who tortured her, and the ringleader is revealed to be Hans Gruper — a.k.a. Dr. Arthur Arden! I did some digging and discovered that flashback Dr. Arden was actually played by James Cromwell’s son, John Cromwell; if you were wondering why the likeness was so uncanny. I haven’t said this too often this season, but well f*cking played, American Horror.

No One Get Alarmed By The Crazy, Delusional Man With The Saw Or Anything

I guess the only thing that came out of Dandy tipping Bette and Dot off with the police records is that it was Maggie, not the twins that got the business end of Chester’s saw. Why was no one alarmed by the fact that the dude with the saw was angry muttering to himself as he attempted to cut a person in half and then locked her ankles together so she couldn’t perform the part of the trick that makes her not get sawed? Which by the way, I’d imagine that literally sawing a person in half would be a pretty long and ugly affair, but no one thought anything by Maggie screaming bloody murder or maybe even the presumably loud noise of metal cutting through bone? Oh well! Maggie is dead, but no one really seems to mind.

Bette And Dot Spare Elsa

The freaks finally figure out that Elsa killed Ethel and is basically evil after Stanley sold her out before getting turned into Meep #2 — I mean it’s about goddamn time — but Bette and Dot give her the head’s up and a chance to escape before they can exact their revenge. They claim that now they’re even, but I would have probably considered the slate wiped clean after she sold them to a psychopath. Oh well, whatever gets you to sleep at night.

Dandy Is The New Head Freakmaster

Ever the survivalist, Elsa sells the freak show to Dandy Mott to raise the money she needs to get out of dodge. Wait, didn’t she already sell the freak show? And more importantly, how did a war veteran on the lam from the law pay for it in the first place? Irrelevant, because Dandy Mott is the owner of the freak show now. Just roll with it.

Jimmy Has New Hands

Aww, Jimmy gave up the chance at being a real boy to stay true to himself. Also, I bet those giant wood claws will come in handy as an impromptu weapon for next week’s finale.