What Has The Cast Of ‘The Office’ Been Up To Since Leaving Dunder Mifflin?

For nearly a decade, The Office was the crown jewel of the NBC Thursday night comedy block. Between the sharp, hilarious writing and a top-notch cast, The Office went down as one of the best sitcoms in recent history. While it started as a scene-for-scene adaptation of a British version of the show, The Office eventually made the deadpan, mockumentary style of comedy become increasingly popular. Even though it only concluded its run in 2013, its cast has been incredibly busy in the two years since its been off the air. Although it started small, The Office eventually became a springboard for some of Hollywood’s best and brightest. Let’s take a look at what the main cast has been up to since Dunder-Mifflin/Sabre closed its doors.

Steve Carell – Michael Scott

While he got his start on The Daily Show, The Office is what made Steve Carell a household name. As world’s worst boss Michael Scott, Carell made viewers laugh, cringe, and cry for seven seasons. After he left the show in 2011, Carell became a true Hollywood movie star, headlining Crazy Stupid Love, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, The Way Way Back, Despicable Me 2, Anchorman 2, and Foxcatcher, which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. He shows no sign of slowing down, either, with 11 projects in various stages of production, including the awards-baiting Freeheld and Woody Allen’s latest.

John Krasinski – Jim Halpert

As one half of one of television history’s best “will they or won’t they” couples, John Krasinski was the charming and likable boy-next-cubicle. Jim Halpert was a legendary pranksman and the winner of Pam Beesly’s heart, and his transformation from unmotivated paper pusher to devoted family man was part of the show’s heart. Since then, Krasinski has done a bit of voice work in Monster’s University, The Wind Rises, The Prophet, and BoJack Horseman. He also co-starred in Aloha, and is starring in Michael Bay’s upcoming 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, and directed and starred in The Hollars, which does not yet have a release date.

Jenna Fischer – Pam Beesly

Jenna Fischer‘s work as receptionist turned sales rep Pam Beesly is one of the oft-overlooked, yet great aspects of The Office. Her vulnerability and quiet determination was a touching thing to behold over the course of nine seasons. Since leaving behind her cardigan collection, Fisher appeared in the film Are You Here and guest starred in an episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! She is co-starring with Rob Lowe in the upcoming series You, Me, and the End of the World.

Rainn Wilson – Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute is the co-worker you hope you never have, and Rainn Wilson turned him into a hilarious foil for Jim Halpert. Never has there been a weirder character that was so close to the hearts of viewers. Since his assistant to the regional manager days, Wilson started the online content project SoulPancake and appeared in the films Cooties and The Boy, as well as guest starring in an episode of Adventure Time. He also starred in the television show Backstrom, which ran for one season on Fox. He has a few upcoming projects, including the upcoming Smurf sequel, Get Smurfy, where he is taking over the role of Gargamel.

Mindy Kaling – Kelly Kapoor

While playing Kelly, who went from mousy background character in the first season to an over-the-top loudmouth, Mindy Kaling was also a prominent writer on The Office. Since then, Kaling has gone on to be one of the most successful cast members. She stars in, writes, and executively produces The Mindy Project, which recently moved from Fox to Hulu for its fourth season. She has also appeared in the films This Is the End and Inside Out. On top of all that, she has her second book, What About Me?, coming out on September 15, and a book co-written with B.J. Novak in the works, as well.

B.J. Novak – Ryan Howard

From temp to executive and back again, Ryan Howard was as close to a villain as The Office got. Since then, B.J. Novak‘s film credits include The Internship, Smurfs 2, Saving Mr. Banks, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He also showed up on television, too, on a handful of episodes of The Mindy Project, an episode of Community, and in the last season of The Newsroom. Additionally, he wrote a book of short stories, One More Thing, and a book for children, The Book with No Pictures.

Leslie David Baker – Stanley Hudson

Stanley spoke for office drones everywhere. Staying out of the way and delighting in crossword puzzles and Pretzel Day, Stanley didn’t care about anything office-related. At all. Recently, Leslie David Baker has been working the guest star circuit, doing one episode each of Key & Peele, Marry Me, Austin & Ally, and The Exes. He also had a cameo in Zach Braff’s Wish You Were Here. Maybe he’ll release another music video someday.

Brian Baumgartner – Kevin Malone

Every office has a pervert, and Kevin was Dunder Mifflin’s. Following his stint as Dunder Mifflin’s resident idiot, Brian Baumgartner has also bounced around a lot on the guest star track, turning up on episodes of Mike & Molly, Hot in Cleveland, Criminal Minds, and The Bridge.

Angela Kinsey – Angela Martin

Everyone’s favorite Christian stereotype, Angela had a long road to follow before finding love with Dwight. Since The Office, Angela Kinsey has had guest arcs on New Girl, Your Family or Mine, and Bad Judge, while starring in both of Hulu’s parody series, The Hotwives of Orlando and The Hotwives of Las Vegas.

Phyllis Smith – Phyllis Lapin-Vance

Phyllis may have found true love with Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, but she unfortunately had to endure some cruel jokes at the hands of Michael Scott. Luckily, she usually had the last laugh. Phyllis Smith went on to crop up in The Middle and Trophy Wife in a guest capacity, and had her big breakout voicing the scene-stealing Sadness in Pixar’s Inside Out this summer.

Kate Flannery – Meredith Palmer

Okay, maybe Meredith was the office pervert. After getting hit by a car and flashing her co-workers repeatedly as the unstable Meredith, Kate Flannery appeared in the films Cooties, Helicopter Mom, Dial a Prayer, and Slow Learners, while also lending her voice to an episode of Steven Universe and playing Annie Sullivan in an episode of Another Period.

Creed Bratton – Creed Bratton

An enigma wrapped in mung beans, Creed spent nine seasons being The Office‘s inscrutable, horrifying weirdo. Despite being over 70, Creed Bratton has worked pretty steadily lately, with the films Saving Lincoln and Band of Robbers, as well as an episode each of Adventure Time, Franklin & Bash, Garfunkel and Oates, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and Netflix’s Grace and Frankie.

Oscar Nunez – Oscar Martinez

Often treated by Michael like the token minority, Oscar was easily one of the most patient characters on the show. Oscar Nunez played him with a knowing exasperation for the show’s entire run, and was a valuable member of the ensemble. Nunez went on to have guest roles on Family Tree, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, New Girl, Bad Teacher, and Comedy Bang! Bang!, and was a main actor on the sadly cancelled show Benched.

Ed Helms – Andy Bernard

Despite not joining the show until its third season, Andy Bernard worked his way up to the top, eventually evolving into Michael Scott 2.0. Ed Helms has since gone on to be a comedy star, doing guest appearances on The Mindy Project, Kroll Show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and BoJack Horseman. He’s also done extensive film work, including The Hangover III, We’re the Millers, They Came Together, and this summer’s Vacation. He’s a member of a bluegrass band called The Lonesome Trio, too, where Helms plays banjo (so Andy), guitar, and piano.

Paul Lieberstein – Toby Flenderson

Poor, poor Toby. Hated by Michael and unloved by Pam, Toby was the office sad sack HR representative who just couldn’t catch a break. Paul Lieberstein was also a writer and producer on the show, and that is where his main work has been since The Office‘s conclusion. He produced the final season of The Newsroom, and directed two episodes, as well. He acted in two episodes of the Aaron Sorkin drama, and made a guest appearance on Bad Teacher.

Craig Robinson – Darryl Philbin

No one could screw with Michael quite like Darryl, giving Michael gentle pushes towards his most misguided impulses. His role grew as the series progressed, and Craig Robinson was given the opportunity to show off his great comedic timing. He’s gone on to work on films like Peeples, This Is the End, Rapture-Palooza, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Get On Up, and Hot Tub Time Machine 2. He also guest starred on two episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and is headlining the new sitcom Mr. Robinson.

Ellie Kemper – Erin Hannon

Sweet, simple Erin. Taking over the receptionist desk from Pam after she went on to bigger and better things, The Office introduced Ellie Kemper‘s wide-eyed, naive humor to viewers. Once the camera’s stopped rolling on Dunder-Mifflin, Kemper appeared in the films Identity Thief, Laggies, They Came Together, and Sex Tape. She guest starred in a few episode’s of co-star Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project, and had her huge breakout starring in Tina Fey’s hit Netflix series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.