The Rock Is Developing A Cop Show Called ‘Boost Unit’! ‘Boost Unit’!

Boost Unit! The Rock and his production team are developing a cop show for Fox titled Boost Unit! It’s about cops who steal cars! Or investigate stolen cars! Or something! It’s kinda Fast & Furious-y. According to The Rock! It’s called Boost Unit!

I’ve had a lot of bad ass fun in the FAST & FURIOUS franchise and this show will capture that kind of intense and entertaining action based off of the real life individuals who make up one of the most bad ass (and underground) street units of the #LAPD. #BOOSTUnit #StreetsOfLA #TheHuntIsOn

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re saying, “Man, The Rock is developing a show called Boost UnitBoost Unit! — about cops and fast stolen cars and he’s so excited about it that he used the phrase ‘bad ass’ twice in one sentence. How could this possibly get better?” Glad you asked. Two ways:

  • The press release describes the show as “a high-octane, action-packed hour that follows the newest recruit of the LAPD’s Auto Theft Task Force, a notorious getaway driver with a hidden past.” A notorious getaway driver with a hidden past! My word, it sounds like Fast & Furious crossed with Suits crossed with that old show Fastlane that starred Bill Bellamy and Tiffani Thiessen. Put it straight into my veins.
  • Picture The Rock hunched over a 13-inch MacBook typing out all the scripts by himself, hunting and pecking out keys with his massive index fingers.

Boost Unit!

(Via EW)