The Season Ten ‘Supernatural’ Promo Is Here, Which Features Evil Demon Dean … Singing Karaoke?

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09.11.14 8 Comments

The CW

I don’t know how I’ve been managing to continue to watch Supernatural for these four long seasons after season five ended. I’m not even going to get into all of the problems the series has been beleaguered with in those subsequent four seasons, because I don’t have time and both Bea Kaye and myself have already delved into it before.

Anyway, if you’re still following along, where we last left off at the season nine finale, Dean had been turned into a demon, somehow — honestly I can’t even remember exactly how or why, but I thought, “Ehh. I guess that’s as good as anything that’s happened over the past four years.” Now Entertainment Weekly has gotten ahold of the first Supernatural season ten promo from the CW and we get our first glimpse of Evil Dean — or, the “Year of the Deanmon” as the CW so cleverly puts it.

From what I can best ascertain, Evil Dean likes to drink, go to strip clubs, sleep with loose women, peruse pornography at convenience stores, and even sing karaoke? So basically, he’s turned into Fun Dean from the earlier seasons. Sure, I still don’t have especially high hopes for season ten — but why not, I’ll take it.

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