A ‘Simpsons’ Star Thinks The Show Will Last Until At Least Season 40 (And Possibly Much Longer)

The next episode of The Simpsons will be its 746th. That’s as many episodes as Grey’s Anatomy and ER, two famously long-running shows, combined. The record-breaking animated series, which would have to take a 10-year break for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to catch up, has already been renewed through 2025, taking it through seasons 35 and 36, and over 800 episodes.

Will we ever be able to imagine a world without The Simpsons?

“I wonder about that, too,” star Hank Azaria told People at The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season five premiere (psh, only five seasons) about The Simpsons eventually (?) ending. “We’re doing season 35 and 36. I would guess that it would probably go to 40. It seems to be doing well.”

Azaria noted that the “standards of what doing well means has changed so much for network television in the last 10 to 15 years. But whatever the standards are now, we seem to be doing well. People still enjoy making it. They seem to want the show. So I imagine we keep going.” He continued:

“The voices don’t really age. So we can keep doing it. And the animation doesn’t age. The animation does get better — and quicker.”

To paraphrase a movie that came out four years after The Simpsons premiered, “I get older, Homer and Marge stay the same age.”

(Via People)