The Situation Is Doing Great

05.11.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Last week, I wrote about how Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino would film a pilot for a possible “Jersey Shore” spin-off. Well, there might be a reason MTV hasn’t fully committed to the show beyond a development deal:

“It could be one of two things,” Kevin Lee, executive producer of “The Simple Life” and several MTV reality shows, [said]. “Development execs at MTV could really like Sorrentino as a talent, but they haven’t found the right project for him—or, they could be just throwing him a bone.”

A second MTV source tells that development deals like Sorrentino’s typically “go nowhere” and there’s a “99.9 percent chance” that that his pilot won’t get picked up. “Often times, execs will offer a development deal just to appease the talent,” adds the source. “It’s possible that Sorrentino was hounding MTV to get his own show, and they gave him a development deal just to shut him up.”

In even BETTER news, The Situation’s dad sat down and talked to TMZ about how crappy his son is (FATHER OF THE YEAR!). Specifically, he claims that he got his son an easy summer job — one that Mike lost when he got caught getting a blowjob from a 40-year-old “cougar” co-worker. The Situation, his father alleges, said that the woman sexually harassed him.

Don’t you guys just hate that? Female co-workers always just treat us men like pieces of meat, acting like we’re nothing but a bunch of penises to be sucked off to orgasm. That’s why I quit my office job. Too many women pulling my pants down and forcibly giving me blowjobs against my wishes.

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