‘The Strain’ Creator Guillermo Del Toro Discusses The TV Show That Made Him Lose Control Of His Sphincter

After months of increasingly WTF marketing, The Strain FINALLY premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. I’ll have a much longer post tomorrow about my visit to the show’s set and what to expect from FX’s answer to The Walking Dead (SPOILER: it’s pretty good), but until then, here’s a brief interview I conducted with jovial creator/director/supervisor/robot-smasher Guillermo del Toro during the Austin Television Festival.

UPROXX: First off, I enjoyed the The Strain pilot. It scared the sh*t out of me. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen on a television show?

GUILLERMO: When I was a kid, it’s not a metaphor, but I actually soiled myself when I was a child watching Night Gallery. There was an episode called “The Doll.” I remember when the doll smiles, I literally lost control of my sphincter.

UPROXX: I visited the set a few months ago, and my favorite thing to see was the creature workshop. What’s your favorite prop you’ve used on The Strain so far?

GUILLERMO: My favorite is actually the Master puppet, because it’s a very complex puppet that we use very carefully. The creature shop and the VFX are the things that I supervise very carefully so that the show has a scope and a vision that is very different from every other TV show, and I fell in love with this thing. It’s seven feet tall.

UPROXX: Is there a scene from the books you’re really looking forward to seeing in the show?

GUILLERMO: Yes. I’m dying to see the Mexican wrestler. I want to cast him, I want to direct him.

UPROXX: Have you just directed the pilot so far?

GUILLERMO: Just the pilot, and depending on my day job, I’m hoping to direct an episode or two in the second season. If I can. But I’ve got to keep my day job going.

UPROXX: Yeah, you’re a bit busy.

GUILLERMO: But I’m there. The whole season, every VFX you see was supervised by me.

UPROXX: Is there a show that you’ve enjoyed binge watching?

GUILLERMO: I don’t follow TV because it’s hard for me with my schedule — it’s not about putting it on my DVR, because I simply don’t go back to the DVR for a year. So I binge watch, I just finished Breaking Bad, Justified, Game of Thrones, I love Louie but I watch it out without a particular order.

UPROXX: When are we going to see you on Louie?

I dunno [laughs]. But I hope I go back to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!